Hood to Suit Series 2A and Lightweight

Sales price: £300.00
Manufacturer: Undercover Covers
Hood to Suit Series 2A and Lightweight

Hood to Suit Series 2A and Lightweight

  • Various Colours Available Khaki, Sand (shown), classic khaki and blue, please click on options.
  • Comes with roll up sides.
  • Complete and read to fit.
  • Vehicle shown is a Lightweight FFR, these are £325, please contact if you require a FFR

The canvas used is grade A, ensuring a tighter weave to commercial grade, giving better water resistance.

All our canvas’s come with guide lines to the shrinkage to your vehicle. Our cut of canvas is generous to allow for shrinkage.

Colour guide:

We offer more colours than any other manufacturer.

-Khaki, darker in colour greener, developed from ex military stock,

-Sand, lighter in colour, giving a greater contrast from body colour,

-Classic khaki, developed to match 1950’s canvas used by Land-Rover, developed using the eyes of respected restorers, the Houben’s and Dunsfold Land-Rovers. This is our benchmark.

-Blue, used a lot in Europe, and also on vehicles with grey bodies to get the ultimate in contrasts.

We have other colours available on request.