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Tom Pickford started his spare parts business in 1998, with the view of finding parts for the restoration of his own Land-Rovers.  Over the years since, not only has the supply of parts got harder but the amount of Land-Rovers he owns has grown. He is now moving into quality hoods and seats and working with Steve Hennessy’s Undercover covers. Together, with Tom’s expertise and eye for detail on early Land-Rovers and with Steve’s willingness to take on change and new products, they are becoming known for quality products.

Tom was born into the world of vehicles.  His father Guy, a trained Land-Rover specialist, started working for himself in 1972. He left Coxeters of Oxford where he had served his apprenticeship, which started in 1964, and also he went to the Rover school at Solihull. Tom was born in 1976 and was soon spending time at the workshop on Saturdays. One day a customer came to the workshop and commented that he could hear a baby; Guy replied that it was his baby son, who was in his pram behind that Land-Rover!

So Land rovers were a part of Tom’s life from the start. Every Saturday morning from a young age he would help by starting vehicles, passing and holding spanners and sweeping the floor. Tom finally learnt to drive around the farm in a Land-Rover, not just any Land-Rover but Pollyanna, Miss Toy’s 1950 Land-Rover that was in being recomissioned. Miss Toy had just bought back Pollyanna after it had been returned to the factory in the late 1950s.

In 1995 Tom went on his travels to south East Asia, and then on to Australia, where he had a working visa. This enabled him to travel around working, but Land-Rovers were never far away.  He had a list of people to visit who were involved with early Land-Rovers.  After some 3 months in Sydney he went to Melbourne.  It was not long before he contacted Mike Bishop. They were aware of each other’s existence but had never met. Being of similar age they got on, with a few beers and so on! Soon they found a Land-Rover to restore, a 1948 model. Pretty much the second project for them both, they restored it in 10 weeks. Fun times!

Since then Tom has restored many series 1 Land-Rovers, from 1948 pre productions to later models. He was even lucky enough to be involved with a TV series on channel 4, called For the Love of Cars